Out of the 16 million
children worldwide
orphaned by HIV/AIDS,
14.8 million live in
Sub-Saharan Africa.

The small country of Lesotho, landlocked within South Africa, is home to 366,000 orphaned and vulnerable children. 37,000 of them are HIV positive. But that's only half of the problem. 54% of kids drop out of primary school and there's only a 36% high school completion rate. These troubling statistics are coupled with a 46% unemployment rate among young adults.

We believe education is the solution. Nalane's founder, Mathata Moe Mpela, was born and raised in Lesotho. He named his nonprofit Nalane because it translates to "the story of." By launching after-school programs at two Lesotho primary schools, St. James and Ha Tsolo, we'll rewrite the stories of these kids' lives.

Still, we know these problems extend beyond Lesotho. Our plan is to expand Nalane throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, building a model to overcome HIV/AIDS and unemployment on a larger level.

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